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Let's start tolling with this new wiki made on 6:04 PM 10/25/13! (New)

Section #1: TrollingEdit

You have to be good at troling to be on this wiki! Trolls:

Regular: 0 Trolls

Cool: 5 Trolls | Tip: You need 6+ Trolls to be on this wiki.

Scientist: 17 Trolls

Dad Troll: 25 Trolls

Epic: 35 Trolls

Awesome: 50 Trolls

Champion 1/2: 75 Trolls

Champion 2/2: 115 Trolls

Master Troller: 150+ Trolls

Section #2: Getting Away With ItEdit

Blame the player who got trolled by you. It's the easiest why to get away with it! Don't think about saying you did it. If your an admin, DO NOT say "I trolled you! Trolololo!" or something like that.

Here is a special code for a picture: 37ktr.

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